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About Us

Amethyst Ridge is Female Owned and Family Operated

In the beginning of 2020, Katelyn and David welcomed their second child and just a week later, everything changed. From nationwide lockdown to unexpected job loss as an effect of the pandemic, Katelyn wasn't sure what the future held but she knew work would need to adapt. As the months continued, so did her Postpartum Depression. David's parents encouraged her to take some time to create with her hands while they cared for the kids. This quickly blossomed into sharing her handcrafted pieces with her community, each one having love and positive intention poured into it. July 2020, Amethyst Ridge began it's journey and the rest just seems to keep falling into place.

We take pride in participating in each step of procuring and handcrafting our products. From our cutting boards to decor and apparel, each piece, each step passed through our hands. Our domestic hardwoods are collected from storm fallen or dying trees being professionally fallen in our Midwest area. We then work alongside a local private miller and stack the wood to dry. For every inch of thickness, a slab requires 1 year minimum of air drying. While this process can be labor intensive, it brings us joy knowing we are doing our part to bring a continuation to the story of these trees. What would normally burn or be left to decompose is given new life and function.

Katelyn also offers opportunities for community support and small business support through our client site. If you are a small business, organization, blogger, influencer, or just need to run a good old fashioned fundraiser, you do not need to be official to get personalized support and vison focused product lines. Feel free to see what passive income opportunities we have over at

We hope your purchases bring you the same joy it brought us to make them for you.

Please consider joining us on Facebook in our group: Amethyst Ridge VIP.

Small business is what we do, community is who we are.

Frequent Questions

All of our cutting boards, serving trays, and charcuterie boards are hydrated with food grade mineral oil and sealed with our in house board butter. Our board butter is a blend of locally sourced beeswax, mineral oil and a little coconut oil. If you are vegan or allergic to any of the ingredients of our board butter, we are able to create a board for you which would only be hydrated with mineral oil. Please reach out using the Contact Us form before placing an order. 

Apparel and non-wood merchandise can be ordered fully custom at all times, please see the related custom listing for more information or contact us using this form

Fully custom woodworking orders are accepted on case by case basis. We are a one woman shop, with the occasional shop hand [thanks Dad!] so we have to assess our order load and the extent of a custom wood order before we can proceed with invoicing. You can contact us using the form above or the custom order request form here

As always, join our Facebook group as we will occasionally announce Christmas Pre-Order opportunities for full customs as well as made-to-order, along with flash coupons not otherwise provided to the public. 

We do our best to keep the TAT [Turn Around Time] as low as possible with the order load currently on hand. Our website is regularly maintained so you can trust that the TAT listed on the front page is accurate. Please remember that unless you order from the Ready-to-Ship items, your pieces are being made by hand for you. To ensure quality of work, we provide a conservative TAT. If possible, we will complete your order sooner and update you accordingly. 

When available, a rush order is possible. There is a 30% surcharge and shipping might be higher depending on the need. Please contact us via Facebook to get the fastest response!

Due to COVID and other transport issues throughout 2020-2021, as well as hurricanes that wiped out apparel manufacturers and warehouses, we are continuing to see reduced inventories from our suppliers. These inventories are ever changing, even day to day so while we wish we could guarantee your selected apparel color will be available, there is always a possibility that it is not. We order from our suppliers each week according to your selection, so ideally you get all the options every time you order from us.

Please note that we will contact you via the email address on your order/PayPal invoice to discuss this issue and if we do not hear back within 24hr, we will make our best judgment call within your selected size. We will do our best to stay within similar color schemes but we will not be able to alter our selection once it’s been made.

We are sorry for the inconvenience that this causes. Please note at checkout if you wish to have zero substitutions made if your color is out of stock.

Yes, we ship to all 50 US states and any military establishment. 

Shipping is free on all apparel!

Please contact us via the Contact Us form and provide your invoice # and email address so we can look into this for you. If you are within your TAT [production only], we ask for only 1 request until your order is past the quoted time of completion. 

For shipped packages, we unfortunately have no control or ability to track down a package once it is released to the carrier. Please reach out to the carrier with your tracking number to see where it is on it’s journey to you. Should a package be lost, please contact us and we will walk you through how to file a loss claim through the carrier.